An American Airlines jet taxis to the runway after leaving a Terminal C gate at DFW Airport on Nov. 27, 2023.听

American Airlines, five other major U.S. airlines and the D.C. lobbying group which represents all air carriers in the country are suing the Biden Administration over a new rule that requires airlines to disclose all fees associated with purchasing a ticket.

The plaintiffs which include, Airlines for America, American, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, filed a lawsuit with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals over the new rule that requires 鈥減assenger-specific鈥 or 鈥渋tinerary-specific鈥 fees to be disclosed to travelers. The Biden Administration announced the new regulations last month with rules about cash refunds to passengers.

鈥淯.S. airlines care deeply about the customer purchasing experience from first search to final purchase and invest heavily in their websites and mobile apps to ensure both transparency of all costs and ease of use for each customer with a purchase path tailored to that customer鈥檚 specific choices,鈥 said Airlines for America in a statement. 鈥淎irlines already provide consumers with complete disclosure of all fees associated with air travel before they purchase a ticket.鈥

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The Department of Transportation鈥檚 rule requires 鈥渏unk fees鈥 or fees charged for checked bags, carry-on bags and changing or canceling reservations to be disclosed to customers up front.

The White House said it was a way to avoid any surprise fees for travelers when they purchase tickets from airlines or ticket agents, including travel agencies.

Travelers are expected to save over half a billion dollars every year, according to the White House. But the airlines and their lobbying group argue that the ancillary fee rule 鈥渨ill greatly confuse consumers who will be inundated with information that will only serve to complicate the buying process.鈥

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