ALLENTON 鈥 The Allenton American Legion and Auxiliary recently announced that they will be holding their first-ever Flag Day Ceremony on Saturday, June 15 at Fohl-Martin Allenton American Legion Post 483, 419 Railroad St in Allenton. The doors at the post will be open at 1:30 p.m., with the program starting at 2:00 p.m. The event will be held outside, weather permitting.

According to a recent release from the Allenton American Legion, the event will be a family-oriented experience, honoring members of the Legion and Auxiliary. In true, traditional American fashion, there will be hot dogs, apple desserts, ice cream, and non-alcoholic beverages available for attendees, as well as patriotic music performed by the Allenton Elementary "Allenton Angels," directed by Stephanie Funk, Washington County American Legion Educator of the Year.

There will also be a number of raffle opportunities at the event as well, and the money earned will be used to benefit Wisconsin veterans along with two other organizations: Dogs2Dog-Tags, a Plymouth organization that rescues, trains, and places dogs with deserving veterans at no charge; and the UW Missing in Action Recovery and Identification Project.

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The event will also feature a presentation by Dr. Gregg Jamison, the lead archaeologist for the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Project since 2018, who has led volunteers to recover the remains of soldiers killed mainly during World War II. Jamison's presentation will discuss the work done overseas to help families of missing soldiers receive closure. Roughly 150 MIA are being sought from Wisconsin alone.

Parking will be at Zuern Building Products with handicap parking or drop off area at the south end parking lot of the Allenton Fire Station. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs or blankets for seating.

"Join us as we Americans proudly hoist the Stars and Stripes in Honor of Flag Day, a special day for we Americans to reflect on our freedoms and the principles of our great nation for which the flag stands: liberty, unity, sacrifice, and justice," said the release. "We hope to see you there."


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