Crews work to repair a leaky water lateral at the corner of Hickory and Main Street in West Bend Friday morning.

WEST BEND 鈥 Pedestrians walking down Main Street in downtown West Bend on Friday morning were probably puzzled to see construction crews working under sections of the sidewalk, especially after the wide-scale renovations completed last year. But there they were, with trucks and all the works.

According to City Administrator Jay Shambeau, the work was part of a repair project for a water lateral that was found to be leaking after the heavy rainfall over the past week.

"We had a leaking water lateral from what we believe to be the Main Street Reconstruction project," said Shambeau. "With the significant amount of rain [lately] it was discovered."

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Shambeau also noted that this is a minor issue, and that Dorner Construction 鈥 who were the ones who worked on the Main Street Reconstruction Project 鈥 had come out to fix it. While it is inconvenient to see parts of the shiny new project get undone, Shambeau noted that this is what needs to happen if any issues arise.

"It鈥檚 just a maintenance thing," said Shambeau. "It鈥檚 a bummer any time you have to break into a brand-new project, but you have to make things right."

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