OSHKOSH 鈥 The CESA 6 Smart Thinking Foundation announced recently that they are distributing $40,000 in micro-grants to schools and school districts throughout Wisconsin for educational projects, including the Kewaskum and Hartford Union High School (HUHS) districts.

The micro-grants are worth up to $1,000 and can be used in various ways to address the recipients鈥 diverse needs, according to the release.

"We are immensely proud to continue our tradition of supporting unique educational needs that empower both students and educators," said Ted Neitzke, CEO of CESA 6, in the release. "The creativity and dedication our grant recipients demonstrate are truly inspiring."

According to HUHS Director of Communications Katrina Cravy, the district will be receiving the full $1,000 micro-grant, which will be used to help transform the district鈥檚 website.

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"We are grateful to CESA 6 for the generous $1000 micro-grant. This funding will transform our Academic and Career Planning portion of our website. Our Course Program Guide, a historically downloadable document, will transform into interactive pages," said Cravy. "Additionally, the ACP portion of our website will provide more information about how our classes align with career pathways, salaries, and current demand in the marketplace for certain positions."

Other website improvements include clearly outlining graduation requirements related to college and career exploration, which will include links to additional information and resources, and work and community-based learning opportunities will be provided.

"Best of all, the grant will be used to hire a student to do the data entry and design of each of these pieces into our website鈥檚 portal as a summer job," said Cravy. "It鈥檚 a big win for us, and we appreciate CESA 6 for making it happen!"

The Daily SM天地论坛 reached out to the Kewaskum School District, but they did not respond with how much they received from the micro grant or what they would be using it for by deadline.


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