Participants and organizers of SCAI鈥檚 inaugural Fun & Fit Games at the closing ceremonies at Cedar Ridge on Friday evening.

TOWN OF WEST BEND 鈥 The Senior Citizens Activities, Inc. (SCAI) held the closing ceremonies of their inaugural Fun & Fit Olympic State Games for 50+ers at Cedar Community鈥檚 Cedar Ridge to celebrate all 45 participants in the event on Friday evening.

The 45 participants took part in various events, from pickleball to swimming and cornhole to sheepshead, to earn points between May 20 and June 7.

The points leader was Dave Mueller, who racked up 91 points from participating in both organized and independent events. Six individuals earned between 20 and 50 points in the competition to finish in second place, and 17 finished with under 20 points in third place.

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All participants were also entered into a raffle drawing for a gift basket, courtesy of Cedar Community, and two gift certificates to either The Norbert or The Orvile, courtesy of the United Way of Washington County.

According to SCAI Executive Director Paula Hader, the event began this year thanks to help from the West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce鈥檚 Leadership Program, through which a team was able to work with Hader to create and run it.

"Myself and our team had the pleasure to get to meet with [SCAI] over the last nine to 10 months, and all of us were very excited to participate in the Senior Olympics," said Cedar Community Director of Spiritual Care Rev. Lex Cade-White, who was a member of the leadership program team. "It was a wonderful way for us to get to know the senior center and all of the ways it contributes to the community, as well as to highlight the different ways we can be active at all ages and all stages."

During the ceremony, SCAI also thanked the sponsors who helped make the inaugural Fun & Fit Games possible, including AIMS Fitness, the AARP of Wisconsin, CarePatrol, Cedar Community, Delta Defense, the Chris Klug Foundation, King Pin Bowl, Freely Fit, Hayat Pharmacy, National Exchange Bank, Schrieber, New Perspective, Serigraph, Stingers Golf and Recreation, Summit Credit Union, Westbury Bank and the VFW.

According to AARP Wisconsin State President Leslie Spencer-Herrera, it was important for the AARP to sponsor the event, because they believe in livable communities for those over 50.

鈥淲e really want the time to build with community, and friendship and family, so that鈥檚 why AARP is so happy to support things like this,鈥 said Spencer-Herrera. 鈥淕etting together and learning new skills is a wonderful thing.鈥

Event partners, which included several of its sponsors, were also recognized for their help in making the Fun & Fit Games happen this year.

鈥淔or example, Serigraph Sales handled the layout and the printing of the big banners,鈥 said Hader. 鈥淚t looked awesome ... also the VFW ... at Post 1393 we had sheepshead going on over there for three weeks over there.鈥

Hader said SCAI is looking forward to holding the Fun & Fit Games next year, and they are open to any suggestions on how to improve the event.

If you didn鈥檛 participate in SCAI鈥檚 Fun & Fit Games this year, but are looking for ways to either get more active or take part in activities at the center, 2378 W. Washington St., West Bend, check out the Tuesday edition of the Daily SM天地论坛 each week for a listing of upcoming SCAI activities.

鈥淚 encourage you if you鈥檝e done a new thing like playing bags, keep doing it; if you鈥檙e the only one swimming, that鈥檚 OK, keep swimming; and if you鈥檙e the only one playing ping pong, find a different sport,鈥 said West Bend Kiwanis Early-Risers President Mike Hilzley. 鈥淏ut, I encourage you, if this was an opportunity for you to go and explore and do new things, things you haven鈥檛 done to get active or more active than you usually have, it didn鈥檛 kill you, so keep going. Keep getting out there, find somebody else to go out there with you and encourage others to go with you.鈥


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