Newburg firefighters show off their new truck, which features a 3,000-gallon tank and an interior pump.

NEWBURG 鈥 The Newburg Volunteer Fire Department recently acquired a shiny new fire truck.

According to NVFD Lieutenants Tony Scholten and Chuck Roethke, the department got the new truck in April, but has only used it for trainings thus far. The truck features a 3,000-gallon tank, which is larger than any of the other vehicles the department uses, as well as a pump that allows firefighters to spray the water directly from the truck, without needing a hydrant.

The new rig is a bit smaller that the previous one, but in this situation, smaller size has a few benefits. As NVFD is a volunteer operation, and with staffing being difficult to acquire and retain, being able to effectively fight fires and respond to emergencies with fewer people is invaluable.

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"It gives us more flexibility," said Scholten. "With reduced manpower and dwindling numbers, it allows us to get a rig out there without having to put a full crew on it."

The smaller size also makes the truck more maneuverable, giving firefighters better access to anywhere they might need to position it.

鈥淚t鈥檚 easier to drive, more flexible,鈥 said Scholten. 鈥淚 think it makes us more versatile; more people can drive this thing.鈥

Scholten also said the process of getting a new piece of equipment like this often takes the better part of 3-5 years, and there were hiccups in this one. The first truck they ordered wasn鈥檛 built properly or safely, and so the department had to go through a different company to get this one.

鈥淪omething fell through, and without our knowing, we were delayed by a year,鈥 said Scholten. 鈥淲e didn鈥檛 even have this one ordered, but they happened to have it in production, and it sped up the process.鈥

The previous truck was around 30 years old. The old truck hasn鈥檛 been retired, however, as another department purchased it from NVFD and is still using it.


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