WEST BEND 鈥 A vehicle driven by an 87-year-old West Bend woman crashed into an apartment building in the 1600 block of Vogt Drive Tuesday morning.

West Bend Fire Department鈥檚 Med 31, Engine 3, Tower 1, and Battalion 1 responded. Upon arrival, West Bend Fire Department paramedics assessed the driver of the vehicle and the occupant of the apartment for injuries. Both parties refused transport to a hospital and signed refusal waivers.

The West Bend Police Department took care of scheduling removal of the vehicle, and West Bend firefighters turned off the electricity to the building before contacting the Building Inspection Department to assess the structure.

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According to West Bend Fire Department Captain Kenny Asselin, this event is more common than some people might realize.

"There are a number of incidents each year where drivers put their vehicles into buildings," said Asselin. "Luckily, nobody was injured or killed in this incident."

Asselin also included some tips for drivers to help avoid such incidents. These tips include:

鈻 Making sure the brake pedal is firmly pressed before the car is shifted into reverse or drive.

鈻 Slowly pressing the gas pedal when moving in areas near buildings.

鈻 Immediately lift your foot off the gas pedal should you start to accelerate quickly towards a building and quickly press the brake pedal.


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