The Rev. Darren Faulkner was executive director and CEO of the Kansas City Freedom Schools Initiative before joining KC Common Good.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. 鈥 A leader with a Kansas City program aimed at reducing violence has left the organization after being named in two domestic altercations and arrested.

Rev. Darren D. Faulkner was the program manager for KC Common Good. The 55-year-old had been involved with the organization鈥檚 KC 360 program, an anti-violence initiative that launched in 2022.

His departure was announced at a recent KC 360 meeting. CEO Klassie Alcine did not respond to a request for comment.

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According to court documents, Faulkner was arrested and arraigned May 2. He pleaded not guilty to second-degree domestic assault in Clay County Circuit Court. He declined to comment when reached by phone on Wednesday.

Faulkner allegedly attempted to choke a woman and then struck her during a fight on Dec. 14, 2021, a report from the North Kansas City Police Department said.

Officers were called after the two began fighting about infidelity, the report said. After the woman grabbed his cell phone and he attempted to get it back, he allegedly wrapped his right arm around the woman鈥檚 neck and squeezed. She temporarily lost consciousness. Then he allegedly hit her in the forehead and mouth.

Both of them called 911, the report said. An officer observed two small cuts on the woman鈥檚 forehead, a small abrasion on the inside of her lower lip, three small marks on the inside of her left bicep and saw that her neck was red. The woman collapsed and briefly lost consciousness when she was interviewed by police.

Faulkner told police there had been a struggle, but his hands were only on his cell phone to get it back from her. He also said his watch may have scratched her head and that she left scratch marks on his arm when she tried to grab his phone.

The report said the woman told police, 鈥渢hey both have a previous history of physical arguments due to Faulkner having intimate relationships with other women and anger issues.鈥

The criminal case was filed in January 2023. It鈥檚 unclear why there have been delays in the case.

An incident report from the Kansas City Police Department also lists Faulkner and a woman as being involved in a March 29 disturbance. Though much of the report is redacted, it said the two had a verbal argument. Court records show the woman was charged with domestic assault in municipal court.

Faulkner had a highly visible role as program manager with KC 360, appearing in news stories this year with outlets including FOX4, KMBC and KCUR.

He also has a ministry and streams sermons on YouTube.

Faulkner previously served as the director of community engagement for KC NoVA, another crime reduction effort that ended in 2019, and was executive director and CEO for the Kansas City Freedom Schools Initiative.

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