THIENSVILLE 鈥 Firefighters, dive teams and emergency responders from more than eight fire departments searched Wednesday evening for a man in distress in the Milwaukee River near the dam at Thiensville Village Park, but by sundown, had not located him.

Southern Ozaukee Fire Department Capt. Joel Deutsch said his department received a call about 6:30 p.m. for a man in the water. With the help of dive teams from the Port Washington and Milwaukee Fire departments, they conducted search operations for over an hour, but had not located him, Deutsch said at a press conference around 9:30 p.m. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is also assisting the SOFD.听

Deutsch said that, due to the dangerous conditions of the low-head dam, the searchers could not enter the water. He said the location beneath the dam creates a 鈥渂oiling effect鈥 causing dangerous turbulence. Boats traveled the waters beneath the dam, while drones were used overhead.听

The water in the river was high due to heavy rains recently, And even as searchers were out in boats, dark clouds moved in and dumped more heavy rain.听

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While initial reports were that a dog was also in the water, Deutsch said he could not address that and that it is still under investigation. He would only say that they received several 911 calls from the area of the dam of a male in distress in the water.

Deutsch said the darkness is impeding the search, and it was called off for the night, but they will continue to have firefighters on the scene throughout the night.

Deutsch said he did not know the man鈥檚 identity.

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