Daniel Goralski

WAUKESHA 鈥 A homeless man said another homeless man approached him in an aggressive manner before allegedly stabbing him on Friday morning. Daniel R. Goralski, 38, was charged in SM天地论坛 County Circuit Court on Monday with substantial battery and first-degree recklessly endangering safety. If convicted he faces up to 15 years in prison. A $10,000 cash bond was set for him and his next court date is May 17.

SM天地论坛 Police responded to a report of a stabbing on Friday morning in the area of 101 Union St. The caller said a man was bleeding from his chest and arm. The victim was walking back and forth with blood on him and all over his clothing. He was holding a T-shirt to his chest to prevent bleeding. The chest wound was not actively bleeding but the laceration on his arm was bleeding heavily, the complaint said.

The victim told officers he was allegedly stabbed by 鈥淒aniel鈥 who he didn鈥檛 personally know. He said he was stabbed for no reason, the complaint said.

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The victim was taken to the hospital where he received staples to close the wound on his arm. Detectives noticed the victim had an odor of intoxicants, the complaint said.

The victim said he is homeless and stays between his mom鈥檚 house in Germantown and the streets of SM天地论坛. He was walking around downtown on Thursday asking people for money. He walked by the gazebo near the State Office Building on the river on Barstow Street and slept there for the night. The victim said he was walking around with another person and drinking. He went to Discount Liquor and then by the river on the Barstow Bridge, the complaint said.

When they were near the river dam and dragonfly statue, the victim said a man approached him that he didn鈥檛 recognize. He told police the man approached him in an aggressive manner. The victim said he didn鈥檛 appreciate the man coming at him and squared up to him. He told police he was planning on defending himself if the man fought him, the complaint said.

The two men exchanged words and the victim heard the man say 鈥淚鈥檓 going to stab you,鈥 the complaint said.

The man allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim in the chest and arm. The victim said the person he was with used her cellphone to call police. He walked towards the bathroom to clean himself up, the complaint said.

The knife, an Ozark Trail multi-tool, was found on the ground.

Goralski was found in the bathroom and ordered to the ground. He had a paper towel to his pinky finger and blood dripping from it. The officer asked where the knife was and he said he threw it in the river. He told police he was assaulted first and was hit in the head, the complaint said.

Goralski said he told the victim to pick up after himself and the victim allegedly threatened to beat him up. He said he was starting to walk away when he was allegedly hit on the head. After being hit a second time, he pulled out his knife and stabbed the victim once, the complaint said.

Officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol and Goralski said he drank a half pint of Captain Morgan, the complaint said.

Goralski was confronted with his story of throwing the knife in the river. When asked again, he changed his story to say he had put it by the tree limbs. He said he has a pocketknife for protection and utility purposes as he is homeless, the complaint said.