WAUKESHA 鈥 Five juveniles were arrested after shooting "Orbeez"-style gel blasters and hitting innocent bystanders. Orbeez pellets are made of gel or water and are squishy.

The five juveniles were referred to juvenile court for battery.

On Sunday at 9:55 p.m., SM天地论坛 police responded to the parking lot in the 1200 block of West Sunset Drive (Target parking lot) after customers called 911 to "report they were being shot with pellet, Orbeez or BB guns," said SM天地论坛 Police Capt. Dan Baumann.

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Three adults, including a pregnant woman, and a child were hit and had welts. Police utilized intelligence and a few sources which took them to a residence. Five juveniles ages 16-17 were at a pool party. They allegedly told police they were playing a new social media game which showed where other players were located.

They went to the 1200 block of West Sunset Drive to shoot those people who were also playing the game.

"They said they only shot at teenagers; however, they didn鈥檛. They shot innocent people. There was a significant amount of people complaining and calling about this," Baumann said.

Police seized the facsimile firearms. On Sunday, police were dispatched to the same parking lot for what appeared to be an armed robbery.

"They were chasing another one of their friends and were chasing their friend with what looked like a firearm," Baumann said.

A caller was positive he saw two firearms and police ended up shutting down traffic to treat it as a gun scene. The caller saw a person running and getting into another car; he thought they stole a purse.

Police found the car and pulled out the teenagers, who were very cooperative.

"They said it was just a game. We said wrong place to play a game like there on the account people thought there was a robbery going down," Baumann said.

In early June, two juveniles with masks reportedly walked into a business in the 1200 block of West Sunset Drive, and "sprayed" the caller and store with a gun that shoots gel pellets. An officer reported the SM天地论坛 West High School students are participating in the "Orbeez" war with other classmates and when they walked past the business, they saw their classmates. Neither the classmates nor the business wanted a complaint.

Baumann said there have been eight documented cases in the last three weeks of this type of incident.

It is against SM天地论坛鈥檚 Municipal Code to use airsoft guns and related devices. No one is allowed to discharge any revolver, rifle or other devices that propels a missile or projectile. For an adult the fine is $313 and for a juvenile the fine is $187.

Baumann has heard the argument that some airsoft guns are colored and people should know they aren鈥檛 actual guns. He said you can dip any firearm in paint.

"To bring a firearm, to an untrained eye, you are leading yourself to a very significant dangerous situation. Not just for law enforcement," he said.

It isn鈥檛 as innocent as some juveniles think it is. Adults were clearly scared, as there was a bunch of 911 calls.

Baumann said these games should be played in the backyard and not in public. Parents need to have discussions with their children about being safe, according to Baumann.

"There needs to be parental oversight and supervision over what is going on. These kids always take it one step too far. Now we are in a situation where innocent people are getting hurt," he said.

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