Police vehicle lights lightbar night red blue FILE TNS

DELAFIELD 鈥 The Delafield Police Department responded to a report of a suicidal juvenile on the overpass of Interstate 94 at Genesee Street on Friday night, according to a Delafield Police press release.

At 10:53 p.m. officers found a person standing at the guardrail on the edge of the bridge. Officers were able to convince the person to step away from the edge of the bridge and continue talking, the release said.

Officers seized an opportunity when the person was facing away from the edge to secure them without injury. The person was provided with crisis services, the release said.

As a result, westbound I-94 and the overpass on Genesee Street were closed briefly.

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"Our thoughts are with the individual and their family as they navigate these difficult times. We would like to applaud the work of our dedicated officers who acted with compassion and bravery during this incident," the release said.

Assistance was provided by the Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin DNR, Summit, Chenequa and Lake County Fire and Rescue.

If you need help or are feeling like harming yourself, call the crisis hotline at 988.