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BROOKFIELD 鈥 With two months to go before the Republican National Convention focuses the nation鈥檚 eyes on Milwaukee and the surrounding areas, a hotel room just about anywhere in southeastern Wisconsin for that week is becoming an increasingly rare find.

The RNC will take place in Milwaukee July 15-18, bringing delegates from around the nation to nominate the party鈥檚 candidate for president in the 2024 elections, likely to be Donald Trump.

Estimates put the number of people coming into the area at 45,000, with an estimated financial impact of $200 million, according to Visit Milwaukee. All those visitors will need a place to stay, and the city proper has about 6,000 hotel rooms, necessitating a need to draw on lodgings from as far away as Madison, Lake Geneva and Sheboygan. But the RNC made a commitment to keep its guests in Wisconsin.

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鈥淭he reason we emphasized that is we think that it was a stark difference from the (Democratic National Convention) that was slated to happen in 2020 here. They sought other hotels, frankly a lot of hotels outside of Wisconsin, specifically Illinois, so the RNC made a commitment from the get-go that all of our hotel placements would be in Wisconsin,鈥 said Jacob Fischer, spokesman for the 2024 Republican National Convention. 鈥淲e think Wisconsin is an important state and we wanted to make sure local businesses benefited from the convention.鈥

He added in a press release, 鈥淲isconsin is known for its first-rate hospitality, and we are confident that convention guests will enjoy their experience in SM天地论坛 County.鈥

The RNC is handling placements of its delegates in about 110 state hotels, booking rooms in downtown Milwaukee and the entire metropolitan area, as well as Racine and Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Sheboygan/ Kohler and Madison, he said 鈥 all within an hour鈥檚 drive from the host venue Fiserv Forum.

The hotels will serve as a place for delegations and other groups to meet before and after sessions, host breakfasts and dinners and more. Nancy Justman, president & CEO of Visit Brookfield, said the RNC will tell the hotels who is staying there, and her organization does not know which delegation or media workers or other partners that will be until the RNC tells them.

鈥淚t鈥檚 super tough to get a hotel room right now. All our hotels are booked,鈥 Justman said.

The city has almost 2,000 hotel rooms, and they鈥檝e been mostly blocked off for the convention for some time as the hotels had to commit quite some time ago, she said.

It stands to reason that beyond hotels, restaurants, taverns and other businesses will receive a boost from convention traffic.

But when asked if Brookfield鈥檚 distance from downtown Milwaukee might blunt some of that impact, she said there was no easy way to predict that until it is known who will be staying there and what their schedules will be. But Justman agreed there was a sense of optimism in the business community.

鈥淚 think all the hotels and local restaurants and retailers are all very hopeful,鈥 she said.

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